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Fri Aug 18 07:30:00 EST 1995

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Linehan) wrote:

>         The idea is indeed marvelleous, BUT !!!!
>         What about the oil? We use machines that have a heated cover 
> which eliminate the need for oil, which equals one less (very messy)
> step. Is the robocycler good enough to overcome this?
> thanx..
>                 Paul...

Why not use wax beads instead of oil?  We use Paraplast Plus which
contains DMSO and have found it to work great.  Can be used in tubes or
plates.  We melt a handfull of beads in a 50cc tube then make 20 ul-sized
drops onto a plastic weigh boat.  The wax barrier is easily punctured with
a pipette tip prior to loading sample on a gel.


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