Cleaning glassware for DNA

Danuta Bois dbois at
Mon Aug 28 13:09:22 EST 1995

Dear All,

Several days ago I posted a message on this subject from my university
account, and I haven't seen it appear in this newsgroup, so I'm
assuming it got lost.  If it appears at some point, please excuse the
double posting.  We're going to have a meeting about this and I'd like
to have some information about what is currently acceptable standard
for cleaning laboratory glassware for DNA work (and  how it is to be
handled after cleaning).  We have people with different backgrounds in
our laboratory and everyone is treating glassware differently, so we'd
like to set some standards.  Here are some questions I'd like to get
answers to:
1.  How is glassware to be washed?  Is washing with detergent,
followed by several rinses with tap and then with deionized water
2.  Does glassware need to be baked?  If so, how long and at what
3.  Is autoclaving useful or necessary ?
4.  How does one handle anything that goes into many solutions, like
pH meter probe, etc.
5.  Can some things, like stirring bars, be handled with gloves prior
to use, without worry about contamination?
6.  Any other important points I may have missed.

All comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Danuta Bois
Gulf Coast Res. & Ed. Ctr./U.of Fl
e-mail: dhb at, or
               dbois at

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