Setting up a lab at hom

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Don't forget the autoclave for sterilizing glassware, etc...and what 
about hazardous waste disposal (phenol, other common chemicals and

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>And what about the regulations (OSHA, EPA, NRC--if you do any work with
>radioactivity)? ETC!
>Date: 8/28/95 12:46 PM
>To: Hansen Lab(not U.H.)
>From: martin LEACH
>In one word
>the reagents cost a bomb!
>Susan Jane Hogarth (sjhogart) wrote:
>: Hello,
>: I'm considering setting up a basic "molecular biology" laboratory in my
>home. I
>: hope to design/build much of the equipment, and to purchase some. This is
>: as far-fetched as it may seem (I hope!) as my mate is a
>: machinist/programmer/designer who hopes to use my setup to work on his
>: equipment designs. My vision is of a place where, free from having to
>: work financially, I can play around with "hobby projects". I see this home

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