Northern blots--lymphocyte RNA

Cathy Sprankle Sprankle at
Mon Aug 28 23:57:34 EST 1995

I am teaching a colleague of mine how to do northern blots.  She is going
to be using RNA purified from TK6 human lymphocytes.  Being a liver person
myself, I have no idea what kind of "housekeeping" gene she should use as
a standard to correct for variations in loading, sample prep, etc.  Any
suggestions?  (References accompanying same would be very helpful.)

Also, does anybody have any idea whether albumin is expressed in
lymphocytes?  I am planning to hybridize some northern blots with albumin
soon, and it would be great if I could just add one of my colleague's
blots to my hybridization reaction, just to see if the transfer worked,
the RNA is intact, etc.

Thanks in advance,

Catherine Sprankle
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