Need info about PRIMEGEN software.

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Tue Aug 29 12:30:34 EST 1995

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Torsten Boerchers  <borcher at> wrote:
>Nathan Lange <nelange at> wrote:
>>Has anyone ever used the software program PRIMEGEN to select degenerate 
>>oligonucleotide primers from multiple aligned sequences?  Is the program 
>>worth purchasing?  Where is it available?  Is there a better program 

>are you really talking about Primegen?
>I know a programme called PrimerGen which can be 
>used to design (degenerated) primers for protein
>stretches up to 80 aa. It is ok and runs under DOS. 
>There are certain other programmes using larger platforms.
>If anybody knows a DOS, (perhaps also Windows) programme
>that handles more than 80 aa, please post.

My apologies... I *really* must update it, and get it to run under
Windows and/or Unix.  I haven't been able to program anything for >2
years now, as I am really a lab-bench scientist, not a serious
programmer.  I used to write these things while waiting for sequencing
gels to run. The ABI sequencer spoilt that ;-) I'll try and churn out
a version that at least uses stretches of aa >80.


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