ubiquinone midpoint potential at neutral pH in aqueous medium?

E. C. Nelson no
Tue Aug 29 21:58:02 EST 1995

I wonder if there is a simple way to determine midpoint potential of
ubiquinone-like compound (for instance, of
2,3-methoxy-5-methyl-6-decyl-1,4-benzoquinone) in aqueous solution with the
highest possible solubility of 50 - 150 microM (let us say in the presence
of surfactants) at neutral pH using chemical redox agents. My first try
with Pt electrode and Ag/AgCl reference electrode in phosphate buffer, pH
7, and 2% sodium cholate was a complete failure.  What kind of electrodes
should be used? What mediators are necessary (if necessary) for coupling
with measuring electrode?  Or, may be, it is not possible at all? Or there
are other methods that are much easier in this case (like polarography or
cyclic voltammetry) ? I would appreciate your educated advice. Please,
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Thank you in advance, 

Dmitri Tolkatchev

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