LacSwitch Inducible Mammalian Expression System

Kenneth Y. Ilio you at somehost.somedomain
Tue Aug 29 16:09:09 EST 1995

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(Tim Lansing) says:
>I am considering using Stratagene's LacSwitch Inducible Mammmalian
>Expression System.  Has anyone out there tried this system?  I would
>appreciate comments from users concerning its advantages/disadvantages.
>Thanks in advance!
>Tim Lansing
>Glaxo Wellcome Research Laboratories

I and few of my firends have used this system. Our consensus is that the 
bacfkground level is higher than we would like them to be. As my gene is 
cytotoxic to cells, I have had better luck with tet repressible system. 
In fact, the background level was comparable to controls and the level of 
induction was ~10,000 fold (this is not a typo) at the best. Recently in 
Science, there was a study describing tet inducible system from the same 
group. But I have not used it so I cannot tell you if the new one works 
better. Good luck.


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