Help: Can't see biotin:riboprobes in Agarose gels

Margon Vandongen vando005 at
Tue Aug 29 10:03:53 EST 1995


I just made a riboprobe with Clontech's UTP and ran a
standard TAE gel with ethidiumbromide in gel an running
buffer and it visualized fine. I'm getting more and more
confused on this issue also because we are always able
to visualize our RNA. I have not tried a biotinylated 
riboprobe on a formaldehydegel so I cannot tell you if there is a 
problem there. In formaldehyde gels we mix the ethidiumbromide in
with the sample (ie none in runningbuffer or gel). O and
by the way add ethidiumbromide to your TAE buffer after
you autoclaved it, it is heatsensitive.

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