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>Subject: Setting up a lab at home
>From: Susan Jane Hogarth, sjhogart
>Date: 28 Aug 1995 03:18:24 GMT
>I'm considering setting up a basic "molecular biology" laboratory in my home. I
>hope to design/build much of the equipment, and to purchase some. This is not
>as far-fetched as it may seem


>Susan Jane Hogarth
>sjhogart at

Hmm, nice idea but ...

(see posts on expense etc)

What kind of health and safety regulation do you have in your home
state? I'm thinking that you might like to transform E. coli at the
least - all such sites need to be registered here in the UK and all
projects evaluated for biological safety and environmental impact.

What about waste disposal, do you intend to use Ethidium Bromide,
Phenol, etc? How about biological waste - I supose you could use
your pressure cooker as a makeshift autoclave...

Or is this just a feasability study - yes I think it could be done,
it might even be fun to show just what an enthusiast could do at
home but look out for bad reaction from the neighbours when they
find out you're <gasp> _cloning_ things in their backyard!!

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