san you run an RNA TBE-agarose gel

Sergey V. Orlov Serge at
Wed Aug 30 02:25:59 EST 1995

  David Figueroa wrote:

> I just caught your response regarding Riboprobe visualization. I am
> constructing biotinylated RNA probes and running them on a Formaldehyde gel. I
> was hoping that by rinsing the gel in DEPC water and then staining with EtBr,
> I could get a photo of a band. Is it impossible to stain RNA with EtBr?
> (Maniatis had a protocol calling for 20x SSC .)

 Hi, David,
Maniatis does   write,  that   RNA   after   electroforesis   in
formaldehyde gels may be stained by  EtBr,  but  he  notes,  that
fluorescence of   nucleic   acids   is   very  weak  under  these
conditions. I could not stain my probes by this method.  If  this
method will  not  work  with  your  probes,  try to use different
methods of staining (by toluidine blue,  methylene blue,  etc.
(see book:  R.M.C.Dawson,  D.C.Elliot,  W.H.Elliot, K.M.Jones; Data
for Biochemical Research,  Clarendon Press,  Oxford,  1986 )).  I
don't have  experience in staining gels by these methods,  but my
friend stained RNA on nitrocellulose after transfer from formaldehyde
gels by  methylene  blue,  therefore  double  structure  of  RNA don't
important for this dye.

Good luck, Serge Orlov
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