Quantitative PCR

James Scutero jscutero at panix.com
Wed Aug 30 17:14:23 EST 1995

Hello subscribers of bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts. I have AIDS due to HIV 
infection. Todd Miller does not believe that HIV causes AIDS and has been 
claiming this on misc.health.aids for quite sometime now. Dr. Miller 
seems to be quite familiar with quantitative PCR and I am not qualified to
discuss this matter. I hope you do not mind commenting on Dr. Miller's 
following post on misc.health.aids. I would like to know if his claims are
valid. Many people with HIV would benefit from your expertise on this subject
if you discussed this issue on misc.health.aids. BTW, I do firmly 
believe that HIV causes AIDS and do not think that this discussion will 
put doubt in anyones's minds of that fact. I have no intention starting a 
debate here, but would rather have the discussion on misc.health.aids.
All opinions on this subject are invited. Thank you.

James M. Scutero, original proponent of misc.health.aids

In article <41vs8r$p34 at miasun.med.miami.edu> 
tmiller at newssun.med.miami.edu (Todd Miller - Pharmacology) writes:
>Anyone interested in what non-HIV scientists think of quantitative
>PCR should check out bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts.  There seems
>to be a near consensus that the PCR cannot be relied upon for
>quantitative measurements of nucleic acids.  Several posters have
>recommended that the older, more time consuming methods are far
>superior for accuracy and precision.
>I suspect that the most important distinction between the use of
>PCR for quantitation in HIV vs. non-HIV science is the amount of
>money involved in the outcome...
>Todd Miller, PhD
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