Carnivorous Plants-Tiss Cult-A tumefaciens

Garry P. Nolan gnolan at
Thu Aug 31 15:35:55 EST 1995


A long time ago (1980) I grew Drosera (Sundew) in TC as callus and was
able to regenerate  it to whole plants.  I want to do several things now. 
First, I would like to get myself a bit updated on the hormone
combinations one uses these days for trying this in TC and growing plants
as callus (especially in liquid culture) and then the homrone/media switch
to get whole plants afterwards from embryoids.  I did this when I was an
undergrad years ago and want to try again.

To make it more interesting I would also like to transform two different
callus lines with different Agrobacterium tumefaciens markers (neo and
?????), select, prepare protoplasts and then fuse marked cells--- later
selecting for hybrids.  The purpose is to cross Drosera species that
normally don't hybridize.

I'm sure similar things have been done with other genera.  Can anyone help
me with some tips as to where to get started?

Garry P. Nolan
Assistant Professor
Stanford University School of Medicine
Stanford, CA 94305
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