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Thu Aug 31 03:13:38 EST 1995

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>Susan Jane Hogarth <sjhogart> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm considering setting up a basic "molecular biology" laboratory in my home. I
>> hope to design/build much of the equipment, and to purchase some. This is not
>> as far-fetched as it may seem (I hope!) as my mate is a
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>> Susan Jane Hogarth
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>About a month ago there was a discussion on this group about $1
>electrophoresis.  Check the archives.


That was not $1 electrophoresis. That was less than $1 gel box.

Any way;
I do not want to set up whole lab in my home. Rather,  I want to have small
facilities simply because I do not want to stay at lab late to just transform
lovely BUGs.

If I want to subclone something, this is my typical SKD.

10:00 AM; Think some good strategy
10:30   ; Start RE digestion
12:30   ; Running gel (having lunch during this time)
01:30 PM; Start DNA purification from the gel
02:00   ; Start ligation
03:00   ; Mix ligation mix with competent BUGs, keep cold
03:30   ; Heat shock and add medium, keep warm
05:30   ; Plating

Oh! If only I have a nice and little incubator which can give sufficient warmth
to my little fellows, I don't have to stay at the lab till 5:30. I can bring my
little fellows in my pocket and can plate them in my home lab. 

Inventor of the less than $1 gel box. 

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