LR44 Batteries

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aa1184 at FREENET.LORAIN.OBERLIN.EDU (David J. Gerrick) wrote:
>Does anyone know the equivalent of an LR44 battery i.e. other
>brand equivalents?
>Thank you,
>David Gerrick

Hi David!

There are some type numbers I believe they will fit: 10 L 14 or V 76 PX. Just ask your dealer, 
he will have a list.
My experinece is that ANY battery will fit as long as its VOLTAGE is correct. I always try to 
avoid mercury cells and to substitute them by alkaline cells (the cheapest) or silver oxide 
cells (expensive, but they last longer and work well at low (0-10°C) temperatures.) Lithium 
cells will do as well. In tha past I always tried the cheapest cells of their kind and hat best 
results (with my SLR camera).

Have a nice day!

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