Antibody for His-Tag

Ned Lally lally at
Thu Aug 31 10:11:22 EST 1995

In article <tomasd-0509562012430001 at fp5-9n.domain>, tomasd at (Tomas Drgon) writes:
|> Hi.
|> Quiagen sells the antibody also. They just started, I think.
This antibody "sees" residues adjacent to the poly histidine tail so it will only
work w/ the Qiagen type II and type IV, pQE-8 and two Invitrogen baculo vectors
pBlueBacHis (I forget the other one).

What is interesting is that Qiagen also has a Ni+----PO4ase probe which only
requires the 6-His and will work w/ any poly-histidyl tag.



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