How to modify QuickTake100 camera for gel documentation?

martin LEACH leach at
Thu Aug 31 09:41:30 EST 1995

What type of mofications are you looking for?

The Quicktake 100 camera uses the apple serial extra hardware is
needed (except the included cable)  it comes with Quicktake software that can
save your images in PICT or TIFF format...

TIFF formats are preferred for I would recommend using a drawing
program such as Canvas, or Adobe Illustrator to open the TIFF image and add
stuff like labels, names, arrows etc...

I would recommend getting a decent printer though if you want the image
printed at high resolution...

If you wanted to quantitate bands etc.. you could use software from a number
of companies....Gelscan rings a bell, and I know Molecular Dynamics has some
pretty cool warez.

If you check out my web site and search for software a number of companies
should pop up (one problem my internet connection is down due to a faulty
microwave link to main campus...) so check my site in a day or so..

more info on the quicktake camera can be found at

or (i think)



The Wagner Lab (ewlab at wrote:

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: Does anyone know of how to modify the Quicktake 100 camera (macintosh) so 
: that it can be used effectively for gel documentation?  In particular, 
: has anyone used this for photography EtBr stained gels?  Any 
: advice/sources of adapters/filters would be greatly appreciated.
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