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Pamela Norton (pnorton at lac.jci.tju.edu) wrote:
:     My curiosity has been sparked by this thread. I don't have extensive
: experience with blotting many different types of proteins, but we routinely
: transfer proteins of >200 kDa in 20% MeOH, no SDS. How much is transfer
: affected by the hydrophobicity of the protein in question? (ours are not
: very). Is there a good reference for this sort of thing?


Glad you asked :-)

Van Oss CJ, Good RJ and Chaudhury MK.  Mechanism of DNA (Southern) and protein
(Western) blotting on cellulose nitrate and other membranes.  J Chromatog
391(1):53-65, 1987.

I highly recommend this paper.  The biophysics is a little slow going, but
you can get the sense of it from the summary paragraphs at the end of each

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