Separating cut from uncut vector

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> John K. Troyer (jtroyer at wrote:
> : Non-denaturining acrylamide gels (5-10%) give MUCH better separation than 
> : agarose gels.  The vector can be separated and eluted from the gel in
much the 
> : same way as you do with agarose. 
> John, I am having that very problem. I am trying to do a ligation and 
> well, there is a still a lot of uncut vector. If you do use PAGE, then 
> don't you have to do the crush and soak method of DNA purification. Right 
> ow, I just run it out on the gel and cut the band out, leaving it in the 
> LM agarose. 
> Help, I am at my wit's end trying to do this damn ligation. Thanks,
> andy
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Hey guys why bother trying to isolate the uncut vector from the cut
vector.  Instead chop up the vector further with a Hapaxoterministic
Enzyme.  They are readily available and when used can make these kids of
cloning problems non-existant.  For references on how to use them see:
Berger et al. (1993) Analytical Biochemistry 214: 571-579. and Berger,
S.L. (1994) Analytical Biochemistry 222: 1-8.

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