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In article <41rci0$66c at> Susan Jane Hogarth <sjhogart> writes:

| I'm considering setting up a basic "molecular biology" laboratory in my home.
| I hope to design/build much of the equipment, and to purchase some. This is
| not as far-fetched as it may seem (I hope!) ....

Not at all. Most things you do in the lab can be performed at home. If you
are a photography hobbyist and have a darkroom in your house, you have alot
of things ready to go. Also, I've never met a good experimental molecular
biologist who couldn't cook up a storm (gourmet style) or brew a magnificent
batch of homemade beer. I feel it's all the same.

| Does anyone think this is feasible in this day and age? Any advice? Will
| experiments produced outside of an "institute" be publishable? I'd like some
| feedback on this idea. 

Why not??? You don't have to tell people that you thought of the idea that
landed you the Nobel Prize while sitting on the toilet. Why should you justify
that you ran an agarose gel in the lab and not in your bathroom? For some
odd ideas, see this article:

author = "P. N. Hengen",
title = "Methods and reagents - Agarose gel electrophoresis in your kitchen",
journal = "Trends in Biochemical Sciences",
volume = "20",
number = "5",
pages = "202-203",
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| Of course the Big Question is: Why would anyone want to take LABwork HOME? 
| Must just be crazy, I guess ;-)

I don't know the answer to this, but all the graduate students I know live in
the lab. I've slept on the cold slate lab bench more than a few times myself.
Doing work in the basement doesn't seem much different to me....and you can 
probably catch the ball game on TV in between washing steps :-)

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