Agarose-DNA purification

Litta Olsen litta.olsen at
Fri Dec 1 03:36:12 EST 1995

In article <49j4q3$iul at bubba.NMSU.Edu>, smori at (Shahram Mori)
> I think what all these kit people claim, is a bunch of lies. The procedures 
> look WAY too easy to get that good of DNA Yields. DNA. The best method in my 
> opinion is still the old-fashioned NaI/NaSO4. I tried Millipore's *columns*
> and let me tell you that I would have gotten more DNA if I held the agarose 
> gel between my thumb and my index finger and squeezed!!!!

You should try the QIAEX gelextraction kit ! Extremely simple and fast. We
have used it for quite a while and we are definetily satisfied with the
amount of DNA recovered. Small size DNA or large size - does not matter.

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