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> If I can add something here. I know that every source says to use fresh
> APS, but......I make 10% APS and freeze single use aliquots at -20 and it
> works forever! Well I haven't tested the forever part but it works for at
> least 6 months. Try it.
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> Jim Voeller
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> Lombardi Cancer Center, Georgetown University
> Washington DC, USA

Jim, you've been lucky.  When I was a grad student I tried doing the same
thing you describe.  After a run of failed gels just when I was trying to
finish off a paper, I traced the problem back to the APS.  I make it fresh
every time now and teach my students and postdocs to do the same.  After
all, how hard is it to make a 10% APS solution?  Dump some APS out an a
weigh paper, see what it weighs, add enough water to make 10% and mix. 
Takes about as long as defrosting a tube of frozen APS.


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