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Richard R. Hardy hardy at mighty.fccc.edu
Mon Dec 4 13:36:11 EST 1995

In article <49hn4k$k04 at sun4.bham.ac.uk>, altabios at bham.ac.uk (John E. Fox)
>A slighly different thread!
>Does any one have any ideas about speeding up printing.
>We run a Power Mac and an HP1200C printer for our analysis software
>version 2.1.1.
>It takes for ever to print the charts.
>The Mac has 16Mb and the printer has now got 8Mb so it shouldn't
>be a memory problem.
>Any hints would be appreciated.
We also noted this printing problem on a PowerMac.  Turned out that
shutting off background printing (the mac spooler) resulted in MUCH faster
output (like 10-fold!).  You might try this.  Also, compare Laserwriter 7
vs. 8.  There are certainly some printing quirks in the ABI software. 
Good luck!
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