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Tue Dec 5 16:11:32 EST 1995

In article <49d4q2$fg5 at>, lpss at (Alex Chang) says:
>Hi, everyone:
>Something wired happened to my SDS-PAGE gel. I did SDS-PAGE many times
>before, but haven't done it for a while. Recently, when I adapted my old
>protocal for a mini-gel, it takes hours for the separating gel to
>solidify and even worse, the stacking gel solidified poorly and the wells
>did not contain the samples very well as the result of it.

>Alex Chang
>University of British Columbia
>achang at


Dear Alex:

        Do you use the same old lot of ammonium persulfate? If yes, a suggest
you change to a new one. In my hand ammonium persulfate, when improperly 
stored, become hydrated and in this form is unable to catalize acrylamide

            Joab Trajano Silva.

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