Acrylamide Gel Solubilization

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Tue Dec 5 20:04:43 EST 1995

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pgegen at wrote:
>Well, here I am with a question instead of an answer...
>We need methods for solubilizing 10% acrylamide/7M urea gels so that 
>[3-H]radiolabeled nucleic acids can be quantified. I used to use perchlorate.H2O2 
>for 3% gels, but that doesn't work with these gels. 

If only urea changes anything... If not, then what worked for me, 
should for you. 
	We dissolve 12% acrylomide gels with 30% H2O2 (no perchlorate)
for exactly the same purpose (but protein) by overnight incubation at
+60C. Infact, it's usually done in 2 hr but who wants to wait for that?
1 ml/standard 20 ml scint. vial is OK provided that it's closed well
(we use oven). Make sure H2O2 is fresh and store it at +4C.
	Not all cocktails "like" the stuff. You might need to experiment
with different. 

Hope this helps,

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