pseudomonas vectors

"Marianne Leverone ", BIO leverone at CHUMA.CAS.USF.EDU
Wed Dec 6 09:47:25 EST 1995

Don:  Try this reference:  

Bagdasarian, M., T. Lurz, B. Ruckert, F.C.H. Franklin, M.M. Bagdasarian, 
J. Frey and K.N. Timmis.   1981.   Specific-purpose plasmid cloning 
vectors  II. Broad host range, high copy number, RSF1010-derived vectors, 
and a host-vector system for gene cloning in Pseudomonas.  Gene.  16:237-247.

			Marianne Leverone, University of South FLorida

On Tue, 5 Dec 1995, Don Chen wrote:

> Hi:
> I don't know if my previous post made it in, so here's my question
> again.
> Does anyone have information regarding cloning vectors for Pseudomonas
> spp that can also work in Ecoli?  The type of vectors include, but not
> restricted to, pBR-type cloning vectors, shuttle vectors, vectors with
> transposon cassettes, and transducing phage vectors.  I understand
> that Pseudomonas promoters are not, or poorly, recognized inside of
> Ecoli - is there a way around this, maybe one with an Ecoli promoter
> in frame with the cloning site?  Thanks for any help.
> Don
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