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 Don Chen wrote:
> Hi:
> I don't know if my previous post made it in, so here's my question
> again.
> Does anyone have information regarding cloning vectors for Pseudomonas
> spp that can also work in Ecoli?  The type of vectors include, but not
> restricted to, pBR-type cloning vectors, shuttle vectors, vectors with
> transposon cassettes, and transducing phage vectors.  I understand
> that Pseudomonas promoters are not, or poorly, recognized inside of
> Ecoli - is there a way around this, maybe one with an Ecoli promoter
> in frame with the cloning site?  Thanks for any help.
> Don

pUCP19 (AmpR) is an E. coli-Pseudomonas shuttle vector and is described in
West et al. (1994) Gene 148: 81-86.  There is also the pBBR1MCS series of
plasmids which replicate in Pseudomonas.  These are a series 5 plasmids
encoding resistance to one of Cml, Kan, Tet, Amp or Gent and were first
described by Kovach et al. (1994) Biotechniques 16: 800-802 and later in
Gene 161: 175-176.

Both of these have a MCS in the lacZalpha gene which alows blue/white
selection in suitable hosts.  The pBBR1MCS series also have a mob site
which alows conjugal transfer when the RP4 transfer functions are provided
in trans.  

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