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: Hi,
:    We have a few valuable blots, mainly hybond-N, with DNA bound. What's
: the best way to strip off a probe with minimum wear and tear to the blot
: and the immobilised DNA? We use DIG-labelled probes, so the stripping has
: to work well too, because we can't just wait for the probe to decay.

Hello there,
I have re-use southern blots for up to 41 times, using DIG-probes,
chemiluminescent detection and stripping off the probe by boiling for 2
min in a 2% SDS solution in water. A lot of foam but a great result. There
is a very important point however conserning the quality and amount of
probe necessary for hybridisation. Dont overload your system, filter the
probe solution throught a .45 micrometer filter and check for absence of
background by incubation of a small membrane  and revelation. If
background occurs just dilute a little bit more your probe.

Good luck Cahir

: Thanks,
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