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Mart Speek mspeek at tamm.eenet.ee
Thu Dec 7 20:50:17 EST 1995

Dima Klenchin (klenchin at macc.wisc.edu) wrote:
: In article <4a2sga$oj8 at kadri.ut.ee>, mspeek at tamm.eenet.ee (Mart Speek) wrote:
: >Hey APS-folks:

: >* It is always a good idea to test the POLYMERIZATION 
: >  TIME of your gel, since the quality of it and BAND SHARPNESS
: >depends strongly on the time used for POL> of the gel!

: And I just can't resist to add: POLYMERIZATION TIME 
: should be 30-45 min!

>>>>> Hey Dima <<<<<
Why 30-45 min? Uups! It depends which %%% gel you're casting!
I agree it is good for 20% PAAG, but for lower % gels I'd
always recommend quicker polymerization, like for 4-5% gels,
5-8 min only! Banding pattern is great when pol-n is complete!
Good luck!

Mart (mspeek at itsa.ucsf.edu)

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