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Fri Dec 8 13:55:38 EST 1995

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> We have recently bought an ALF-Express automatic sequencer and are having
> conciderable difficulties obtaining reliable results. Our major
> problems seems to be that we cannot get high resistances from our gel.
We know the
> gels themselves are not at fault because we made gels from numerous different
> suppliers but in all cases we are unable to match the electical
parameters suggested
> by Pharmacia. If you own an Express or know of someone who has an
Express please
> contact us so that we can discuss our difficulties. 
> Thanx Neil

Sorry, I do not have the answer to this particular question.  However, you
might be interested to know of an automatic sequencer user group, managed
by David Cain.  Subscribe at

automated-dna-sequencing at

Someone in this group might be able to help

Lawrence Washington
Indiana University
Institute for Molecular
 and Cellular Biology

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