Software to read SDS-PAGE

Ron Tate rtate at
Tue Dec 12 20:52:00 EST 1995

dtyyu at (David Tak Yan Yu) wrote:
>Is there a free software to calculate MW of proteins in SDS-PAGE?
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>David yu
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We downloaded a program from NCSA called GelReader which looks really nice to use.  It has the 
capabilities to determine mobility, density and calculate MW.  But I never could get it to do 
the MW for me, everything else worked real well.  It may have to do with the computer we 
installed it on, we've had a few glitches with it in the past.  I even contacted NCSA 
technical support and they were great but we still couldn't get it to do MW.  Again, its 
really easy to use and looks like a pretty good one.  If you download it I would like to hear 
how it worked for you.  If you can get it to work I'll spend some more time on it.  
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Ron Tate
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