Retrogen: BAD Experience!

NAMRATA SRIVASTAVA 5gf4srivasta at
Wed Dec 13 19:48:03 EST 1995

We ordered a number of oligos (13) at the 0.2 micromole scale from
Retrogen (a company based in CA) and had a really bad experience.
They sent a much lower quantity than we ordered and they mixed up
two oligo names! It took us months of experiments and several expensive
reagents before we figured out that error! 

	Now of course they won't return our calls.  We would just like to warn
everyone of the pitfalls of great "deals" from Oligo sysnthesising companies.
It's worth paying the extra bit and going for a reliable company!

			-N. Srivastava
			 Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI

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