stripping Northern blots

Anton Scott Goustin asg at
Wed Dec 13 19:12:15 EST 1995

Tori Brophy <sibley at> wrote:
>pmsmith at (Penny Smith) wrote:
>>I am using Hybond-N+ for Northern blots and have used the Amersham
>>protocol for stripping them (ie pour on boiling 0.5% SDS and allow to cool
>>to room temp.).  This strips the blots but also seems to strip off the RNA
>>as well.  Does anyone have any suggestions.
>>Penny Smith
>>Botany Dept.
>>University of Western Australia
>>pmsmith at

We have used hot (bring to bubbly in microwave, then remove) 1% glyerol
plus 0.1% SDS.  Just leave it there for 2 min, then wash the blot as
usual (1X SSC, 0.1% or whatever you use).  Check to see that the signal
is truly removed by exposing O/N.  This method is quite gentle and very
effective.  It can even remove some dots and spots.

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