Ethidium bromide

Paul Pickerill bafi9 at
Wed Dec 13 07:49:00 EST 1995

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: >Hi there,
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: >I have a problem with ethidium bromide. I ran a PAGE today to check
: >the integrity of a few cDNA probes that I'm about to use in Northern
: >Hybridisations. In order to visualize the DNA with UV light, I put the
: >gel into an ethidium bromide bath for 45 minutes after the run.
: >However, under UV light, the gel appeared empty, lacking a signal even
: >from the slot where I loaded the DNA standard. 

	I routinely do a rough fingerprinting technique and run digested
PCR preoducts on acrylamide gels.
	After running I soak the gels in a solution of Eth.Br as
	100 ul of 10mg/ml Eth.Br in 1 litre of water (deionised).
	Leave it for about half an hour.


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