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Here I am forwarding information on a network that lists academic jobs
which I found to be fairly informative and useful.


            A C A D E M I C  P O S I T I O N  N E T W O R K

                          THE CONCEPT

     The Academic Position Network (APN) is an on-line service accessible 
worldwide through Internet.  It provides notice of academic position 
announcements, including faculty, staff and administrative positions.  Included 
are notices of announcements for post-doctoral positions and graduate 
fellowships and assistantships.  The APN provides academic institutions with a 
faster, more accurate, and a more cost-effective way of reaching candidates than
traditional publications provide.  Through the use of international 
communications networks position announcements receive a broader exposure to 
potential candidates.
     Academic position announcements are transmitted to the APN staff by E-mail 
or fax and placed on the network within 24 hours.  Institutions pay a fixed 
onetime fee to post an announcement.  APN announcements are unlimited in size 
and are kept on-line in the database until removal is requested or until the 
closing date has been reached.  There is no charge to browse and search the APN 
files by authorized Internet users.

                       ABOUT INTERNET GOPHER

     The APN utilizes Internet, a National Science Foundation sponsored 
communications network, linking thousands of colleges and universities around 
the world.  To access the APN the user's desk top computer may use the 
University of Minnesota's Gopher client software or any software that allows 
access to Uniform Resource Locators (URLs).  The Gopher client software is 
available, at no cost, for IBM PCs and compatibles, Macintosh, and generally for
computer systems running UNIX.
Gopher client software can be acquired by anonymous ftp from: 


     Instructions on how to use Gopher are available from that source in the 
pub/gopher directory.


     The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for the APN is:


     Using Gopher client software to access to the APN for browsing and 
searching is straight forward. 
     The server name, address and port number for General Gopher access to 
worldwide Gopher files including the APN is:

           ; port 70

     To access the APN files choose the "Other Gopher Servers & Info Servers" 
directory.  Choose the "North America" directory.  Choose the "USA" directory. 
Choose the "General" directory.  Finally choose the "Academic Position Network" 
directory.   You are now ready to browse or search the APN files. 

     Direct access to the APN is accomplished by specifying the APN server name,
address and port number in the Gopher client software.  These are:

         ; port 11111


     The APN files may be browsed as they are organized by country, state and 
institution.  Using a Gopher client server, the text may also be searched using 
a word or combination of words separated by "and" and "or."

Placing a faculty, staff, administrative, post-doctoral or graduate fellowship 
and assistantship position announcement on the network is quick and simple.  The
process consists of the following:
  1.  Prepare the copy for placement to include:
      * a position description
      * search schedule with closure date
      * an institutional contact with address and telephone number
      * background information on the listing institution 
  2.  Fax, E-mail or mail this information along with a P.O. 
      number for billing to:
        Academic Position Network
        Suite 302
        2001 Killebrew Drive
        Bloomington, MN  55425
        (612) 853-0225, Fax: (612) 853-0287
        E-mail: apn at

     Upon receipt, your announcement(s) will be placed in the Internet/Gopher 
APN files within 24 hours.  We will confirm entry of the announcement into the 
APN along with a copy of the announcement, as it appears. 
     The APN provides for a one time placement with continuing access through 
the search closure date. Because it is on-line, the elapsed time from the 
completion of a position announcement to its dissemination is shortened.  
     The APN represents a significantly lower cost alternative to advertising 
through traditional publications.  It offers fast, cost effective service 
providing worldwide access to academic employment opportunities. 

                     ANNOUNCEMENT FEE SCHEDULE

     The service fees for placement of position announcements are as follows:
        One Position      $95.00 
        Two Positions    $170.00 
        Three Positions  $225.00 
     Four or more position announcements are $70.00 each when placed at the same
     Institutional agreements, based on anticipated annual volume, are available
to provide volume discounts.

                      INSTITUTION BENEFITS:

      * On-line position announcements
      * One time fee
      * Unlimited space
      * Over 1,000 institutional users
      * Industrial subscribers
      * No deadlines
      * Cost effective placement
      * Ad placement through E-mail

                          USER BENEFITS:

      * Easy access through Internet
      * Worldwide position announcements
      * Position announcement information is more complete and 
      * No access fee by authorized Internet education users

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     TBEEC hosted the 1995 World Conference on Engineering Education 

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