How to inactivate/destroy DNase I?

Mikhail Alexeyev malexeyev at
Thu Dec 14 16:20:02 EST 1995

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Richard Rothmaier <zxmvo12 at> wrote:

> How could the DNase I (bovine) be inactivated without destroying the yet=20
> viable cysts??
> Are there possibilities to use pH-, temperature or chemical/enzymatic=20
> changes? The functionless of the enzyme after the treatment must be sure.
In principle, protease treatment should destroy DNAseI (proteinaseK or any
other). On the other hand, DNAseI requires Mg++ ions for its activity, so
activity should be few orders of magnitude lower after EDTA treatment. I
don't know how your cysts tolerate EDTA treatment, though.

M. Alexeyev.

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