WTB HELP.. Windows PCR Primer Design Prog

Andreas Becker becker at ps1515.chemie.uni-marburg.de
Fri Dec 15 04:33:37 EST 1995

DROSENTHAL at axp2.umkc.edu (Rosenthal,david) wrote:

>I'm looking for a PCR Primer Design program for a friend in Turkey who does not
>have good web access to use the primer design program I use.

>Does anyone have any suggestions of commercial vendors or freeware/shareware
>that can do PCR Primer design for a Pentium running Windows 95?

>Please respond to me personally in addition to this newsgroup. 
>Thanks for your help.


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We offer a collection of freeware/shareware primer design programs(PC,
Mac, Unix).
All of the PC programs are DOS, not windows. Try my home page:

Andreas Becker

WWW  : http://www.chemie.uni-marburg.de/~becker
eMail: BECKER at ps1515.Chemie.Uni-Marburg.De
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