poly(A) RNA isolation, question?

Cathy Aversa aversa at bms.com
Mon Dec 18 16:49:52 EST 1995

 I agree.  I have also had good success and yield using both the Fast Track
and Micro-Fast Track Kits.  The latter has been especially useful in
isolating polyA+ mRNA from small amounts of cells and single mouse tissues.

(No affiliation w/ Invitrogen!!)

Cathy Aversa

In article <4a740o$6vs at post.its.mcw.edu>, kpleyte at post.its.mcw.edu (Kay A.
Pleyte) wrote:

> I've had good luck with the Invitrogen Fast Track kit.  There's no reason to
> avoid kit formats.  If you're selective in your use of kits you can save
> yourself a lot of time wihtout undue expense.  The assurance of having clean
> RNase-free solutions without the hassle of preparing them yourself is worth
> it, I think.  
> KP
> kpleyte at post.its.mcw.edu

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