Viability of plasmids at 4 degrees

Bart Janssen bjanssen at
Mon Dec 18 11:20:22 EST 1995

In article <jspaffor.1169370607A at NEWS.SRV.UALBERTA.CA>,
jspaffor at (J. David Spafford) wrote:

> Hi,
> We have linearized-plasmids that we have used as templates for transcription
> of ion channel genes.  A year ago, we found that the plasmids gave very good
> expression.  Today, a year later, we are having difficulty getting good
> quality RNA.  The plasmids were kept at 4 C.  Should they still be viable?

Hi David
We sometimes had problems using "old" DNA for probes (they wouldn't label)
the problem was solved by phenol/chloroform extraction.  I still don't
know what the problem was, it wasn't degradation and didn't seem to be
protein contamination, the only thing I can think of is that some wierd 3D
structure was being formed.  Whatever the problem was was extraction cured
it (don't ya just love solving symptoms without ever knowing the cause


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