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Ethidium bromide

Xiaoyan Han xiaoyan at maila.jyu.fi
Tue Dec 19 09:36:10 EST 1995

In article <4ao1da$f9d at aggedor.rmit.EDU.AU> Dr Patrick HJ Falckh <p.falckh at rmit.edu.au> writes:
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>From: Dr Patrick HJ Falckh <p.falckh at rmit.edu.au>
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>Subject: Re: Ethidium bromide
>Date: 14 Dec 1995 02:16:09 GMT
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>In article <4ad9fc$km2 at dub-news-svc-2.compuserve.com>, 
>100414.220 at compuserve.com (Stefan Kley) says:
>>Hi there,
>>I have a problem with ethidium bromide. I ran a PAGE today to check
>>the integrity of a few cDNA probes that I'm about to use in Northern
>>Hybridisations. In order to visualize the DNA with UV light, I put the
>>gel into an ethidium bromide bath for 45 minutes after the run.
>>However, under UV light, the gel appeared empty, lacking a signal even
>>from the slot where I loaded the DNA standard.
>I also add EtBr into the gel (agarose) but not into the buffer.  The 
>advantage of this is that the amount of EtBr you use, and then liable to 
>spill, is limited.  The EtBr moves in the opposite direction to your 
>cDNA and thereby decreases background.  Using agarose is also much 
>Patrick Falckh

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