molecular weight markers for SDS-PAGE

Ron Tate rtate at
Tue Dec 19 17:09:15 EST 1995

ah690549 at (Annette C. Hollmann) wrote:
>Are there any decent prestained molecular weight markers for SDS-PAGE
>available? Right now I am using markers from Sigma, and the bands are
>always 1/4 inch wide and very faint. My samples run ok, so the problem
>is definitely the markers and not the gel. I have to use prestained
>markers because I'm using the gels for Western blots. If I were staining
>the gels I'd just use a mix of purified proteins for a "homemade"
>set of markers. I need the size range of 20 to 90 kDa, which should
>be fairly common. I know I could just leaf through some catalogs
>and order a few batches of markers to test, but I don't want to 
>risk wasting money on markers that are just as low quality  as the
>Sigma stuff.
>ah690549 at

I have used Kaleidoscope markers from Bio-Rad for blotting for sequencing purposes. They run 
nicely and each is a different color 7-208kDa.  I have also gotten samples of MultiMark stds. 
from Novex (4-250kDa) but I don't know just how they run on SDS-PAGE since I tried running 
them on native gels for a slice landmark.  They too are multicolored, from the literature it 
doesn't appear that they run as nicely as Novex's single colored prestained stds.

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Ron Tate

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