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hot start beads

Patrick HJ Falckh p.falckh at rmit.edu.au
Wed Dec 20 17:42:53 EST 1995

>We have used Invitrogen's HotStart Beads with wonderful results
>but they are VERY EXPENSIVE.  Cost is a major concern to us
>because we run LOTS of PCR reactions.  At the lowest cost we
>can purchase Invitrogen's beads (20,000+) it would still cost
>over $41 per 96 PCR reactions for the beads ALONE!!
>We are testing the use of paraffin wax (Aldrich) and mineral
>oil (used as a softener of the wax following the mixing of the
>limiting reagent and the reaction mixture) but have yet to hit
>upon a combination that we are happy with.  This approach
>requires a fair number of pipetting steps but the cost would be
>Invitrogen's beads have the Mg2+ dispersed throughout the bead.
> Is anyone in Netland willing to share their success in
>reproducing these kinds of beads?  I have thought maybe they
>could be produced by vigorously mixing molten wax and a
>solution of MgCl2 with a Polytron homogenizer.  Pipetting this
>mix onto a surface (eg. tin foil) might form a bead having the
>Mg2+ encapsulated in the wax.  Any thoughts on this?
>Whatever hot start technique you use, I would very much
>appreciate hearing about it.  If there is sufficient interest,
>I will summarize the replies and repost them to this bulletin
>Thank you in advance.
>Douglas Prasher
>U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
>Cape Cod , Massachusetts
>prasherd at delphi.com

Hi Douglas,

There is a product on the market, made by CLONTECH, that is called 
"TaqStart Antibody", which binds up the Taq until the temp of the 
reaction gets to a given point.  While I haven't yet used the product, I 
was at a Wet Lab a couple of months ago and some of the participants had 
used it and said it was good.  There may be others 'outthere' who have 
used this with success.

Disclaimer: I don't work, receive inducement etc from the aforementioned 

Hope this is helpfull,


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