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His-tag fusion protein vector

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Wed Dec 20 14:38:11 EST 1995

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Eric C. Anderson<e-anderson at ski.mskcc.org > wrote:

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>Namjin Chung <chung006 at mc.duke.edu> wrote:

   >>Dear Netters,
   >>I need mammalian expression vector with His-tag at C-terminus, but I 
   only could find one
   >>with His at N-terminus from Invitrogen. Does anyone know if C-terminal 
   His-tag fusion
   >>protein vector is available? I'm afraid if I should make my own 
   expression vector. If so, is
   >>there any suggestions for space between the protein of my interest and 
   His(6), and for the
   >>amino acid composition of the space peptide. Thanks in advance, and 
   please forward your
   >>comments to chung006 at mc.duke.edu.

>Qiagen also makes N and C terminal His-tag vectors. 

QIAGEN only has N and C terminal 6xHis tag expression vectors for E. coli, 
not mammalian systems. 
Below  are a couple of references, where C-terminal 6xHis vectors have been 
constructed for expression in mammalian systems.

Affinity Purification of Histidine-Tagged Proteins Transiently Produced 
by HeLa cells.
 R. Janknecht and A. Nordheim, Gene (1992) 121, 321 to 324

 The DNA-Dependent ATPase Activity of Vaccinic Virus Early Gene 
Transcription Factor is Essential for Its Transcription Activation Function
 J. Li and S.S. Broyles, Journal of Biological Chemistry (1993) 268, No. 27, 
20016 to 20021

Mechanism of Activation of the TFG-ß Receptor
 J.L. Wrana, L. Attisano, R. Wieser, F. Ventura, and J. Massagué, Nature 
(1994) 370, 341 to 347. 

Signaling Activity of Homologous and Heterologous Transforming Growth 
Factor-ß Receptor Kinase Complexes
 D. Vivien, L. Attisano, J.L. Wrana, and J. Massagué, Journal of Biological 
Chemistry (1995) 270, No. 13, 7134 to 7141.

Drosophila Dpp Signaling is Mediated by the punt Gene Product: A Dual Ligand-
Binding Type II Receptor of the TGFß Receptor Family
 A. Letsou, K. Arora, J.L. Wrana, K. Simin, V. Twombly, J. Jamal, K. 
Staehling-Hampton, F.M. Hoffmann, W.M. Gelbart, J. Massagué, and M.B. 
O'Connor, Cell (1995) 80, 899 to 908.

Brigitte Steude Masone
Product Manager

Temporary e-mail address: qiagen at Kaiwan.com

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