help with DNA sequencing gels

Jeffrey Mahr szjmahr at
Fri Dec 22 11:41:53 EST 1995

	Hello there - i am having problems with sequencing gels that are 
creeping up between the plates in a voltage dependent manner (if i leave 
the gel running it slips out further than if I leave it off).  I am using 
FisherBrand Urea and Acrylamide. I coat one plate (always the same one) 
with sigmacote after scrubbing the hell out of them with a green pad and 
detergent and soap.  The plates are from Hoeffer and it is only with 
these plates that I have them problem.  I run my gels at a constant 40Watts.
The creeping always begins right away as soon as I begin to prerun the gel.
Needless to say this is a veery frustrating experience.  Please Help!

sincerly - jamahr at

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