mAb to ~65 kD ER protein

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> Dear Colleagues,
> We have prepared a mAb (38H8) that by immunofluorescence specifically
> reacts with the ER (and nuclear envelope), and by western blotting reacts
> well with a protein of about 65 kDal, in yeast.  I am interested in
> identifying a collaborator who is interested in using this mAb and
> establishing its immunological reactivity in the process.  It is
> monoclonal, and we have frozen cells in order to produce more mAb if
> needed in the future.  
> John Aris
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Dear colleague,

I am very interesting about your mAb but can you send me some informations
about it ? In first time I would to know  if your anitbody was directed
against estrogen receptor because in litterature the abbreviation ER was
used for this nuclear receptor. And in a second time do you know  if this
mAb cross-react with the rat's ER ?
Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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