ABI sequencer, a month of unexplicably bad results.

Volker Seibert ifag at po.uni-stuttgart.de
Fri Dec 22 05:21:32 EST 1995

Dear netters,

Thank you for your e-mail and newsgroup responses. Regarding a few 
questions people raised, we did do the ABI 
kit’s control sequencing reaction and the sequencing results were quite 

So there appears to be a contradiction. The good results from the kit 
controls indicate the problem is with our template or primers, but the 
same stored samples of both that did not work when we had a month with 
bad results worked again later! The problem was also not with our 
FlexiPrep mini-prep kits; the same kit worked later, too. Primer 
concentrations were also ok: we aliquot small volumes and tried new and 
old vials, both of which did not work in bad times and worked again 

Yours sincerely,

Volker Seibert

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