Andy Warkman awarkman at
Sat Dec 23 02:04:41 EST 1995

In our third year genetics class a few weeks (at the University of
Western  Ontario) we quickly talked about SSCP (single strand
conformation polymorphisim) The idea being that a mutated strand of
DNA will have a different conformation when PCR amplified and run on a
gel in single stranded form (dentureing conditions). This much I
understand ! I get lost when our prof mentioned that the complementary
strands will have DIFFERENT migration patern.

To me these sequence are not identical, but complemntary, and follow
the same base pairng rules and thus will migrate to the same postion
on a gel.

Thus, in my opinon A-C-G-T will have the same migration as the
complementary starnd T-G-C-A both wilth conformations of

       G-T 		and     C-A
       C-A                                      G-T
Thus giving one band, but in reality two different bands are aeen
resulting from the two homolgous strands having different single
strand conforations

WHY ????

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