the effect of tRNA on cDNA cloning ?

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Wed Dec 13 21:05:22 EST 1995

Seongwook Kwon (swkwon at wrote:
: Hi,

: I am thinking of using tRNA to help out precipitating my cDNAs.  These 
: cDNAs are to be used for a library construction.

: 	Does anyone know the effect of tRNA presence on 1) conversion of ss 
: cDNA into ds cDNA (I will use Klenow), 2) ligation of insert DNA into 
: lambda vector 3) packaging of vector-insert into lambda particles ?

You can do two things if tRNA's bother you;

1) Use 10mg/ml glycogen (add 5ul to your DNA) and then add NaOAC and 95% 


2) Add a little Rnase to the resuspended pellet.
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