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> I eluted protein from an affinity column with 1% SDS (various salt
> concentrations did not work), and now I need to remove the SDS from the
> protein.  Does anybody know of a good method for doing so?  Please
> e-mail me directly at: auster at  Thank you very much!

I know of two methods which I have used successfully to purify proteins
that I had eluted from SDS-gels. Both resulted in sufficiently pure
protein for direct N-terminal sequencing.The references are:

Wessel, D. & Flügge, U.I. (1984) A Method for the Quantitative Recovery of
Protein in Dilute Solution in the Presence of Detergents and Lipids. Anal.
Biochem. 138:141-143.
(in case the name of the second author is partly garbage - the third
letter is a german umlaut U)

Konigsberg, W.H. & Henderson, L. (1983) Removal of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate
from Proteins by Ion-Pair Extraction. Meth. Enzymol. 91:254-259.

Good luck!


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