FIDELITY DNA Sequencing System

Steve Slater scslat at
Fri Dec 29 01:36:49 EST 1995

Francis Yap <fryap at> wrote:
>I have been told that this new kit from ONCOR uses some novel enzyme to 
>sequence 'difficult' template. Has anyone out there tried this out and 
>gotten reasonable results? Would hate to fork out good money for a dud 

I have been using this kit lately to sequence relatively high GC 
templates, and have been happy with it.  It has not eliminated all of 
the problem regions, but it did clear up some.  In addition, it seems to 
give consistently long reads (around 500 bp clearly), so I have 
continued using it.
	The polymerase isn't novel, it's T4 polymerase, but as far as I know 
it's novel as a sequencing kit.  One of the reasons for the long reads 
is the fact that the polymerase is so processive once it is assembled 
with the various accessory proteins.  The mix also contains ssb.
	My basic feeling:  The kit works well.  It may not be the answer to all 
you problems, but it is at least adequate.  For my current purposes, it 
seems better than sequenase, but I can't say if that statement would 
apply across the board.  One drawback - the reaction procedure is longer 
than that used with sequenase.


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