Does Schleicher & Schuell BA-S 85 go off????

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Wed Feb 1 10:41:04 EST 1995

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>In our lab we have several packets of Schleicher and Schuell BA-S 85
>nitrocellulose currently in use for southern blotting. No one has 
>when the packets were opened but some of them have been around for well
>over a year. Some of us have been using other membranes (Hybond
>N/Genescreen) mainly because of variable results obtained with the S & 
>Somebody recently suggested that the membranes once opened should be
>stored in a desiccating environment or something and that basically if
>they aren't protected from the atmosphere they go off. 

>Anyone know anything about this?
    I asked one of our membrane chemists about the storage of 
nitrocellulose.  His recommendation for storage is room temp and a 
relative humidity of 50-60%.  All nitrocellulose membranes (for blotting) 
contain some sort of humectant to make them water wettable. Storage under 
very humid conditions may cause the membrane to absorb more water, 
decreasing the number of available hydrophobic binding sites and 
therefore changing the binding characteristics.  However, storage in a 
dessicator is not recommended since the membrane will become brittle.

    I hope this information is helpful.  If you have any more questions 
feel free to contact me at the phone /email listed below.

    Jane Larson

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